Coffee cultivation can take place from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer.

For specialty coffee like Arabica, this also means altitudes of 2,000 - 6,000 feet.

The belt stretches from Hawaii to South America to Caribbean to Africa to South Asia:

Columbia . Guatemala . Sumatra . Tanzania . Mexico . Timor . Uganda . India . Kona . Sulawesi . Costa Rica . Kenya . Nicaragua . Ethiopia . Peru . Panama . Yemen . Zimbabwe...

The adventure starts when you purchase samples of specialty coffee. No need for special brewing apparatus, automatic-drip machine will do.


Choose a start point, enjoy the coffee for two weeks to fully appreciate it and then hop on.


My personal experience is that it's difficult to appreciate coffee if it's not fresh-roasted and i've never been able to consistently get fresh-roasted from the shops, that's probably because i've been spoilt by my home-roasted coffee. But that's a different adventure.


Anyway, while sampling, try to take note of the roast level, the same origin coffee at different roast level will taste different.


At least try to always buy beans NOT ground. Check out the coffee matrix at Coffee Bean Corral






(water volume
before brew)

  American(SCAA) 10 g/169ml
  European (converted from Coffee FAQ). 7g/125ml




(water volume
before brew)

  Grinder Package (branded blade grinder bundled with 200 g of fresh-roasted specialty coffee). S$38.00
  Sumatra Mandheling (roasted coffee beans/200 g pack). S$6.80
  Timorese Arabica (roasted coffee beans/200 g pack). S$6.80


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