A process of extracting the essence of coffee from the bean into the cup. Two main aspects: Grinding and extraction time, these work together to provide the optimum degree of extraction.

The adventure here is going beyond your own familiar way of brewing, discovering the differences in the process and result.


Different methods include: drip, french-press, vacuum, espresso, sock, turkish or even cowboy-style.


What's happening here: our aim is not really to sell brand new equipment, our product is the experience, the equipment here are mostly used. For our regular customers who've chalked up a reasonable level of business with us, this offer is open to you.


As for new customers, there should a security deposit which we can work out. Other brewing equipment like french press/ plunger or stovetop espresso are easily available at major dept stores, look out for good discounts during Robinson's sales. Anybody interested in parting with any 'white elephant' coffee equipment cheap, email me.







  1. Espresso: Krups Novo 2200 plus: 2-week adventure. S$30.00
  2. Vacuum Brewer: Hario TCA-5: 2-week adventure. S$30.00
  3. Braun KMM30 Burr Grinder: 2-week adventure. S$10.00
  4. Swissgold 23-carat gold-plated inert filter (brand new): KF4 S$49.00


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