The process of transforming the bean from a hard raw green bean to an aromatic crackly and expanded coffee bean.


The journey starts from the green coffee bean. You apply heat using either a stove or oven and control the time to transform the bean to its roasted form.


Take the bean through it's first and second cracks, by varying the heat/time profile, you may get burnt, under-roasted or if you're lucky, the best coffee you've ever tasted.


Be warned, it's a smoky trip but can be nostalgic for those old enough to remember the days when coffee shops roasted their own.


And how long does it take? i do a 15 minutes over my stove-top for one 200g batch. email me if you need basic roasting instructions.







  Arabica Green Coffee(Specialty Grade)
200g Sampler Pack
  Arabica Green Coffee(Specialty Grade)
(arabica origin depends on availability, email to enquire)
  Green Coffee from Sweet Maria's
(one of best selections of quality green coffee)
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  Roasting service(stove-top)
  Whirley-pop stovetop popcorn popper
(with thermometer):
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