Visited Laos in Dec 2002, had a chance to taste the local coffee.


It's a dark-roasted coffee, high on body, quite clean a kilo of roasted Arabica coffee beans cost me about US$ 3.8, organic-grown too.


If you're ever in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, try to find some in the local morning markets, i've tried to buy more at Vang Vieng(outdoor adventures tourist spot) and Luang PhraBang(historical Laos capital) but couldn't find any.


According the stall owners, there are two regions: PakXong and PakSe coffee, as Pak Se coffee available was pre-ground and in a plastic bag sealed with a rubber band, i opted for the PakXong coffee available.


Seen in the local papers while on departing flight, low coffee prices forcing farmers to switch to cattle farming.


PakXong Cafe Lao
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