04 Jan 2010
This business is dormant. The information remains only for reference.

15 Mar 2005
The web site is revamped

21 Feb 2003
Laos coffee: coffee
encounter from my Laos

15 Jan 2003
To cut costs, i've cancelled
my pager so pls email me, apologies for any
inconvenience caused.

31 Oct 2002
This website officially

Welcome! Look around, choose an adventure, explore the
world of coffee, you never know what you will find...



Taste the differences
between coffee of
different origins.



See what happens
when you mix and
match your coffee.


Home Roasting

Experiment with one of the most fascinating processes in the development of the bean before it reaches your cup.



Articles i find



Try out different
brewing methods,
whether drip,
plunger, espresso
or vacuum.


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